"11:11" HAVE YOU SEEN IT ?

This series started when I posted red fluorescent stickers across San Francisco,“11:11 Have you Seen it? Call me.” Starting around age 18, I noticed that I saw the numbers 11:11 frequently, and whenever I did, it felt like a magic moment to me. Do others have the same feeling, I wondered?
It turns out that while most would ignore or not understand the stickers, there are people for whom 11:11 carries significance – 20 of those people responded. These people share a belief: they view 11:11 as a reminder of their higher purpose in life; seeing it serves as a spiritual wake-up call. Some link the number to angelhood and even believe themselves to be angels commissioned with bringing the planet to a higher plane.
These angels are the subjects of this 1992 series.I asked each of the responders to come to my studio and bring some foliage that had some connection or meaning for them. Out of that foliage, I constructed wings and gave them back to each person to wear in their portrait. I then took black and white photos of each subject and scanned those photos. I then digitally painted and composited into these photos to complete the portraits.



As part of this series I also interviewed each subject with questions such as, “Have you ever had any angelic experiences?” and “Why do you think you see this number so often?” Combining these recorded responses with music, David E. Johnston and I composed a soundtrack that accompanies the art. It was played at the Architects and Heroes Gallery opening in San Francisco.