Nance Paternoster • Credits
Digital Artist • Compositor • Instructor • 503 • 621 • 1073

Nance’s work has exhibited nationally & internationally, including venues such as the Fine Arts museum of Long Island. Collectors include Custom Computer Specialists, Pacific Data Resources, Diane Sabin, Cindy Icke, Rebecca Gleason, Otto Novinski, Primavera Gallery, Chief Media, Pacific Video Resources, and Selectrode Industries. Nance’s images have been featured in a myriad of publications including The New York Times, Newsday, and Wired Magazine. As examples of sophisticated and creative use of Computer Graphic art software, Nance’s images have been featured in books and magazines such as Computer Graphics World, Computer Artist, Computer Graphics Volume II and Macworld Magazine's Photoshop Bible II. Nance’s work also appears on CD ROMs such as the Digital Art Collection of Adobe Photoshop, The Digital Art Museum CD_ROM, The Interactive Museum CD-ROM, and others. In addition to her artwork, Nance has brought her Computer Graphic skills to film and television. She was a Special Effects Animator/Compositor for both seasons of ABC’s “Bump in the Night” and for Fox’s groundbreaking and Emmy-award winning program, "The PJs," starring Eddie Murphy. She was also a Digital Paint Artist for the Sony feature "Starship Troopers." Other professional credits include graphics production work with Dell Computer, Genigraphics Corporation, and Xaos Tools.