Vintage Artwork

I started creating Digital Fine Art in 1981 at Syracuse University studying under Ed Zajec, who was a complete pioneer in the field of Computer Graphics.
We started programming in Fortran and wrote code to depict color and shapes which were printed onto B&W perforated paper. We eventually moved on to using Pascal which allowed us to create simple animations with shape and position. By the time I was in my senior year, New York Insitute of Technology had one of the first paint systems where you could paint in color, but in terms of scanning, you had to scan in B&W and create your own color tables to apply to the B&W scan. This created an interesting approach to adding color to images.
Due to the limitations of technology and archival processes for Digital Artmaking, I experimented with mixing other mediums that were archival and stayed connected to the state of the art that was present with Digital Image making over the years.

Check out Ed Zajec's work

• American Brunch( below) - Scan with color table applied. Created at the New York Insitute of Technology (NYC Campus) 1984.

• 1st Apple II disk drives used in creating "Questioning Mediums". A computer Animated Video funded by the New York State Council for the Arts which I completed in 1986.


Some of the first work I created was in response to using the materials that were available at the time. I printed out images from the Fortran progamming I did at Syracuse and made large 3Dimensional collages from the printouts. I also made prints onto acetate before you could print in color and hand colored each of them and then layered them as 3D collages. My work today, still combines mediums. It is only now in 2008 where we can really see the effect that archival Digital Inks and Papers will have on the Artmaking process. My series "MADE IN CHINA" (WIP) combines Silkscreen and Digital Imagery.