Initiate a Commission

The Process for initiating a commission is to contact me and begin the conversation of what type of artwork you would like to have on your walls.
It helps if you fill out the client info form first by clicking on this link:

Client Info Form

Some clients provide information about colors that they like or colors that are in the room they would like to hang the artwork in.

Another thing to think about is what type of art do you like or envision being in the room.
What fabrics or textures would you like your artwork to be printed onto or integrated with?
What size are you thinking?

Check back within a month to see more examples of work done for clients.




Clients include:

Chief Media NYC - Chief Media. This design started with the client providing images they had used in some of their marketing materials and on their website. The client provided me with colors used in the company and the colors in the room(s) to be furnished. Since my client works with people who create infomercials we looked at ads form the 1950s and are working that into the theme. Check back soon for an update of how these images came out...

Here are some examples:

“The colors are mid blue, orange and mid green - like wheat grass color - rugs are black and grey and all of our materials are very NYC. Only input I'd give you is that we are in Direct Response Advertising - like infomercials that sell products, it's a very mathematical way of doing advertising."

• Jan and Zora Wiser – Hillsboro, Oregon.
This client started with an original Photo and wanted two different versions printed onto canvas at different sizes using different color schemes for two different people.
"For the 1st print, use reds and blacks. Stark contrast to match the other prints in the room. A Stylized Digital interpretation of the supplied Photo.
For the 2nd print, use greens and blues and make it painterly. Chagall is a painter I like a lot."

• Nomadic Theatre Company – Portland, Oregon. Nomadic Theatre This piece was printed onto Watercolor paper treated with a thick molding paste and a thin layer of pearl iridescent acrylic coated with clear inkaid.
"Shoot a strong photograph of the 3 company members. Include notes that clowns might make to themselves. Print the image to be printed onto a 3 dimensional/textured surface with somewhat iridescent glimpses."