How pricing works:

The price of your piece depends on how much is involved.

First we need to decided what you like and how big the piece(s) will be.

Once we decide on the size and materials, we can figure out the materials based on square footage for the materials.

In addition to the material fee, I charge either a rate per hour to create the piece(s) or I will give you a bid for the job. My rate is $60. Hr.

You have the option of providing me with your own images for me to work with and work into your piece, or I can provide images for you or shoot them for you if there is a convenient way to do so.

Framing prices
Cost for framing is dependant on the material costs and the labor costs to build the frame. Custom and alternative framing choices are available as well.

Turn Around Time (TAT)
I will do my best to complete the artwork in a timely manner. When we agree on a commission we can also agree on the turn around time. Please keep in mind that each one of these pieces is an original one-of-a-kind piece of art, so sometimes the creation process may take a little longer than expected.

All artwork will be packaged and shipped with full insurance for the value of the print.  


Once we have agreed on a price,
you can pay here.